Marine Delgrange


Marine is finishing her MSc in health policy, planning and financing at the London School of Economics & London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Alongside her studies, she works as a research assistant on digital health in primary care and on social care for older adults. She is also leading a project to bring global health education to UK secondary schools with Students for Global Health.⁠

Marine has worked at the European Commission as a trainee on environmental health and food safety policy, and has worked for various French institutions such as at the Senat (in France) on social security financing.⁠

Marine has been involved with ModelWHO simulations since she represented Japan at ParisWHO in 2018 and got several best delegate awards, including at ShefWHO 2019 representing Sweden. She was part of the LonWHO organising committee in 2019 as design lead and has since then been involved with the UK ModelWHO committee in various capacities. She is enjoying leading this year’s committee as they are doing a fab job!⁠


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