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United Kingdom (UK) Model World Health Organization was founded in 2018 with the aim to promote and build ModelWHO Simulations across the UK and abroad by providing expertise, advice and material to existing and future conferences. 

Given the ever-growing number of WHO simulations globally, having a unified structure guaranteed by UKWHO ensures that experiences and best practices can be shared between organising committees. It also fosters a collaborative spirit with the aim of making the simulations as engaging, fun and realistic as possible.


The organization serves as a great platform to to ensure that ModelWHO Simulations keep providing global health training outside of the conventional classroom setting. By provides resources to global health enthusiasts who are  interested in promoting global health policy, the organization ultimately encourages them to  start their own Model WHO simulations at their respective institutions. For that purpose, UKWHO closely collaborates with existing and new ModelWHO simulations, which are called UK Model WHO Chapters (ModelWHO Simulations in the UK) and Partners (ModelWHO sims outside the UK). 


We currently have two ModelWHO Simulation which run annually:

London WHO (LonWHO) and Sheffield WHO (SheffWHO)

London City
London WHO 
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 11.51.21 PM.pn
Sheffield WHO 

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