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Regional Blocs, Technical Briefings, Side Events and Press Conference

Each reporter was also expected to produce at least 1 long-form article, no shorter than 400 words (before afternoon plenary Sunday), and at least 2 shorter articles or videos, under 400 words (one before media conference on Saturday, and by 1500 on Sunday), all to be published on social media and utilized on the LonWHO/UKWHO website.

Media coverage on Saturday, Nov 3rd, can be found below:

BBC – Political Will Is Crucial

CCTV – China’s Revolutionary Vision for the World Health Assembly

Fox News:

Video 1: Regional Block 1 – Round-Up by Fox News

Video 2: Fox News interviews Chair Mao, SEARO

New York Times –  AMRO Aims to Focus on Adolescent Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in WHO Simulation

Reuters – WHA in London Begins with Sense of Unity, Misinformation Already Being Spread

The Guardian – Americas on Point: What Happened to the Term Abortion?

The Lancet – European WHO Delegates Struggle to Find Common Ground

Additional coverage from these organizations can be viewed by visiting @LonWHO on Twitter or reviewing the hashtags: #LonWHO2018 #WCAHealth #LonWHO across social media.