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Conference Director

Marine is an MPH candidate studying at University College London coming from France. She holds a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and political science from Sciences Po Paris and Sorbonne University. She has worked at the European Commission as a trainee on health and food security and has experience with the French social security as she has worked on the legislation for its financing at the French Senate. After having won several best delegates awards at various model WHO simulations, she joined the ParisWHO 2019 organising committee as outreach coordinator and website designer.


Theresa studied Social Innovation in Munich and became curious about how teams work, which led her to pursue Organisational and Social Psychology at the LSE. During her undergraduate degree, she co-founded, Theresa co-founded “Munich for SDGs”, an initiative spreading awareness and inspiring action towards accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG#3 (Good Health and Well-Being) therefore has always been close to her heart. Growing up in the Bavarian countryside, she is an outdoor-fanatic and mountain lover.


Logistics Team

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Operations Co-Coordinator

Alexa is a KCL graduate in Global Health and Social Medicine, currently pursuing her Master’s in Health Economics. Policy and Management at Karolinska Institute in Sweden. She is originally from Romania, where she had faced firsthand the challenges and social burden on treatable diseases in her community, which made her choose this path. As former president of the Global Health Society, she is passionate about building awareness and driving change for global healthcare reform alongside other ambitions!

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Logistics Lead

Sruthi is a 4th year medical student at Queen Mary University of London, currently finishing an intercalated degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. Through her studies and interactions with patients, she has become very interested in the social determinants of health and barriers to access across different populations. She has also been involved with various emergency medicine and prehospital care societies at university and enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.

Andrea perez navarro - delegates co-ordi

Andrea, originally from Valencia, Spain, moved to London two years ago to study Medicine at Imperial College London. She is fascinated by public and global health, from raising awareness about and coordinating response to health hazards, to ensuring health equality despite socio-economic background, international cooperation has proven to be essential to achieve results and I admire the role that international global and public health organisations play in achieving this. I’m also interested in the field of education and hence actively participate in medical education societies and initiatives at my university and in international peer-to-peer education programmes to encourage intercultural understanding and conversation about political, socioeconomic and cultural issues amongst the youth.

Magali Collonaz - operations co-ordinato
Operations Co-Cordinator

Magali is a medical doctor specialised in Public Health. She holds a Master’s degree in Epidemiology and is now a MSc Environment and health student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has some experience in research on tobacco control among vulnerable adolescent populations and will soon start a PhD on social inequalities and smoking behaviour. She is also volunteering for People’s University, an online university providing Public Health courses for students in low- and middle-income countries and is module leader of their epidemiology module.

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Delegates Co-Cordinator

Bryan is a third year medical student at Imperial College London, where he will also be doing an intercalated BSc in Management next year. He is excited to experience medicine beyond the scope of his clinical course, to get a broader, more global view of policy and public health and meet passionate, like-minded people outside of medicine. He also enjoys working with outreach programs to help disadvantaged school children, playing music, travelling and exploring nature.

Intan sulaiman - volunteers co-ordinator
Volunteers Coordinator

Intan is from Malysia and is currently taking BSc Global Health and Social Medicine at KCL. She is very much enjoying her course as it is like what her friend described as “politics, philosophy and economy for health and medicine”. She has recently started taking photos and hopes to call herself a photojournalist someday. For the time being she is figuring out what interests her academically and she would like to pursue a Master’s degree after her BSc.

Iman ahmedani - global health fair co-or
Global Health Fair Coordinator

Iman is currently working as a junior doctor, after studying Medicine at Oxford and UCL, including a BSc in infection and Immunity and research in Psychiatry. She had also taken a year out to study Literature in Spain and did a course in leadership to improve population health. Her interests include humanitarian medicine, global health and languages. I am excited to be the Global Health Fair Coordinator, to build on past experience working at the Global Health Film Festival, Health Through Peace conference and Polygeia.

We work behind the scenes to keep the show going


Sammie is currently working as a junior doctor in Manchester and is exploring the vast variety that Medicine has to offer, but has an incline towards Emergency Medicine, Global Health and Maternal Health. She also has an interest in fitness and is currently doing some work to help tackle the Obesity crisis, as well as hoping to become a fitness instructor. In her spare time, she also enjoys putting on her creativity hat and likes to write online blogs and articles for university magazines, promoting the importance of mental health.

Communications Team 

Head of 

Elle is studying Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College. Last year she worked with Antibiotic Guardian under PHE running PR for the National Student Antimicrobial Resistance Conference and was a LonWHO 2019 delegate. She saw 

how when the youth work together, across

disciplines,counties and countries, we are a diverse, compelling and innovative force for progress. Let's go empower the next 

generation of global health leaders.  

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Communications Officer

Rachel recently completed her Master of Public Health at Imperial College London, specialisign in Global Health. Prior to this, she graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a BSc (Hons) in Biology, minoring in pschology, physical and organic chemistry. Her primary interests surround infections disease, emergency preparedness, health systesm resilence and AMR resistance.

FARISHTA LILA Communications Officer

After spending the last 6 years as a full time caregiver to her now cancer-free husband who underwent 18 clinical trials, her perspective on the value on components of health drastically shifted. She is re-exploring her life and ways to fulfil it. 

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Design Team

Design Officer

Sammie is currently working as a junior doctor in Manchester and is exploring the vast variety that Medicine has to offer, but has an incline towards Emergency Medicine, Global Health and Maternal Health. She also has an interest in fitness and is currently 

doing some work to help tackle the Obesity crisis, as well as hoping to become a fitness instructor. In her spare time, she also enjoys putting on her creativity hat and likes to write online blogs and articles for university magazines, promoting the importance of mental health.

Head of Design

Rayssa is a BSc Population Health student at UCL from Indonesia with a passion for primary healthcare and climate change and its effects on health. Outside of university, she is also a social media volunteer in a London based NGO focusing on women's health and a part of UCL's Students for Global Health committee. When she has some free time,  she tries to join dance classes, cover songs, and atop to recreate Indonesian comfort food.

Design Officer

Alyssa is a final year medical student at Cardiff University with a BSc in Clinical Epidemiology and an MSc in Public Health (LSHTM). She has won conference prizes for projects on screening for genetic conditions and is a member of the research group Polygeia. Her interests include health equity for minority groups, transparency in public health systems, and playing classical music. Alyssa looks forward to starting work as a junior doctor in an Academic Foundation Post this year. 


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Sponsorship Officer

Brahma is a graduate of both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and an Ivy League school, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is currently completing an MBA. His interests in Public Health include infectious diseases, vaccinations and health-policy. Brahma represented both Oxford and Cambridge, in the Varsity Game for American football, represented the University of Pennsylvania in both Rugby and Cricket and has previously volunteered at both the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. He is also a keen advocate of social issues and was a candidate for the Labour Party in the 2019 General Election.

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Liason Director

Chris is on the Civil Service Fast Steam, currently working in  the Northern Ireland Office on VAT and subsidy policy. His previous roles were in the Department for Exiting the European Union in the Northern Ireland/Ireland team and within Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service as an Equality Manager and Disability policy lead. He previous studied Biological Sciences and an MA in Public Policy and Public Management at the University of East Anglia.

Sponsorship Officer

Deena, from Sri Lanka, is a PhD candidate in Public Health at the University of Aberdeen and holds a Master’s degree in Global Health and Management. She is a health ambassador at the Soapbox Collaborative, an NGO working on child and maternal health. She is also the Vice-Chair and Councillor for George St Community Council and Vice-Chair for the Aberdeen Labour party, campaigning for equality in health. Deena has also been involved in a number of health projects globally, including war zone volunteering and humanitarian disaster relief missions in Sri Lanka.

We work to engage with key organisations who can help us fulfil our mission and give them the opportunity to be part of our exciting venture.


Theme Team


A medical student from the University of East Anglia, Amit has a keen interest in Global Health Policy and Advocacy. This passion has led him to be elected as the Students for Global Health National Committee Secretary 2020/21 as well as participating in policy writing and capacity building at a national and international level. More recently, it has led him to put his experience towards working as part of the LonWHO 2020 Organising Committee.


Luise is an MPH candidate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She holds a bachelor in Molecular Biotechnology from Heidelberg University and has worked on Influenza preparedness and response as an intern at the WHO HQ. As GHA-D coordinator, she contributes to the advancement of Global Health education in Germany and is particularly passionate about infectious disease and planetary health. After award-winning participation in model WHO simulations and being positively influenced by this format in the past, she now contributes to LonWHO20 Theme to facilitate a hopefully as inspiring experience for others.

Theme Officer

From Estonia, Johanna has a MSci in Neurosciences from UCL and she is currently researching the neural and computational mechanisms that underlie decision making and learning. She has also been involved in a few projects related to global health and has found her passion in mental health and its role in global health and health policy. As an attendee of LonWHO 2018, Johanna is eager to inspire more young professionals to find their way to Global Health

Theme Officer

Julia is training as a UK veterinarian, living as a global citizen, exploring the interfaces between humans and animals and across science and culture. She advocates for collaborations across health and environmental professionals through systemic approaches of one health and one welfare. Julia also runs the Animal Welfare Society and actively participates in the Global and One Health Society at the Royal Veterinary College. She also frequently volunteers at animal sanctuaries in developing countries and writes scientific articles on Chinese social media platform. 

Theme Officer

Mohamed is second year medical student at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, South Africa. He is also a previous UKZN pharmacy graduate, having attained the highest level of academic excellence at undergraduate level. As a health advocate and future youth leader, he aims to broaden his understanding and make contribution to the betterment of existing health policies and systems in South Africa. He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and is passionate about global health and its impact on the lives of millions.

Theme Officer

Monika is a qualified nurse and has worked in very diverse settings as a healthcare professional. This has given her some insight about the importance of well-functioning health structures that are responsive to societies' needs. As a migrant, she has great interest in different aspects of migration and health. She is on a never-ending quest to improve her knowledge in related issues and is constantly looking for opportunities outside her usual comfort zone.

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