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October 30th - November 1st 2020

Bush House, King's College London

We are living through the story of the century. 


Hospitals are understaffed, schools are shut and aid had been shut off from conflict zones as over 170 worldwide teams race to develop a vaccine. Geopolitical tensions have been sparked as decades worth of progress on poverty is reversed by our worst global recession since World War II.


This pandemic has shone a light in the problems that will shape our generation - inspired by this, the LonWHO 2020 conference is titled 'Pandemics: Preparedness, Response and Recovery'.



This international World Health Assembly will prepare you to meet these challenges head-on. In a series of structured debates, lectures and seminars you will learn the global health diplomacy, debating and policy-making skills needed to become youth health leaders. 


Our extensive & fact-checked theme booklet is filled with information that will guide you through every problem, equipping you with the tools to further your global health careers. 


At last year's conference over 160 delegates' tackled the theme of 'Conflict and Health'. This year the enemy is invisible and deadly. It won't be the last one - let's be ready to face the challenge.

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To Say or Not to Say
- Managing Health Communications -

In the digital age, where we are all connected globally through technology,

health communication is the be-all or end-all of pandemics. Misinformation

and miscommunication can have a hugely detrimental impact on people’s

livelihood as we have seen through the anti-vaccination movement and

the stigmatisation of people with HIV/AIDs. In addition to these topics, due

to the need for strong communication during a lockdown, the theme guide

also covers topics such as the prevention of gender-based violence and

more. Delegates will have an opportunity to discuss how to innovate

health communication strategies to increase efficiency at a global and

national level.



LonWHO 2020 - Pandemics: Preparedness, Response and Recovery
30 Oct 2020, 14:00
Bush House, King's College London


We are a diverse global team of students and young professionals, heralding from London to Pakistan, Canada to Indonesia and back. Working as doctors, researchers, artists, scientists and students, we are inspired by the simple truth that every man, woman and child deserves equal access to healthcare.

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