Robyn Jones

UK Model WHO Training Communications & Logistics Co-Officer

Robyn joined the UK Model WHO Training team as a Training Logistics & Communications Co-Officer. 

As Co- Officer, Robyn coordinates the operations and communications aspects of The Academy Programme and assists in various other projects within the UK Model WHO team including content drafting and design, and development of the speaker panel for The Academy Programme. 

Robyn is a Population Health Master’s student with a background in Neuroscience. Her experiences in inclusive and Paralympic sporting initiatives have driven her interests towards consultancy and global health policy.

Robyn obtained her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and is currently studying for an MSc in Population Health at University College London (UCL). Robyn's research interests include the political determinants of health, biosocial approaches and neuroscience. Robyn hopes to continue her studies at UCL with a PhD later in the academic year. 


Outside of work,  Robyn enjoys horse riding, cooking and music. 

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